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About Us

Organization History

The Coasters Association, often known simply as “the Coasters”, is a non-profit organization formed in 1988

by a group of concerned citizens of the Lower North Shore of Quebec. The objective was to protect and further the interests of the population and contribute to the vitality of the region.

Nearly 30 years later, the Coasters Association’s membership stands at 3,542. With each new member, the Association becomes stronger and the objective of identifying and responding to the pressing needs of the Lower North Shore more feasible.

How we tackle the challenge


and enhance community vitality and leadership


the social development of vulnerable groupings


diversify and sustain the LNS Economy and retain youth


Government relations


and constantly revitalize the Coasters Association

Our Programs & Networks

The Coasters Association’s objective is to make the Lower North Shore a better place to live for residents of the Coast and we firmly believe that this objective will be attained sooner if everyone gets involved. By linking the communities of the Coast and by giving them a chance to partake in joint initiatives, the Coasters Association aims to create a common bond that will enable the entire Lower North Shore to face the challenges of renewal and development as one.


Our Team

Cornella Maurice

Executive Director

Cornella Maurice is a founding member of the Coasters Association Inc. in 1988, and has led and managed the organization as Executive Director since 1989 (32 years).

Cornella was also a founding member of two provincial groups: the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and the HRD Community Table – CEDEC. She has been an Advisory member of the Lower North Shore Coalition for Health (LNSCH) since 2004, and very involved in the development of the LNS wildberry and non-timber forest products initiatives since 2009, and in leadership roles on the Oversight Committee, the establishment of a LNS Bio-Resources Co-op and the Northern Research Center. She has been active in the socio-economic development of the LNS and helped guide the preparation of a 5-year Strategic Plan for the LNS, LNS Revitalization Framework, and the LNS Guide for Development Process.

Her involvement in the communities of the LNS provided her with the opportunity to be in close contact with the partners (on & off the territory) on a regular basis. She has worked to create an environment of positive change and implement organizational transformation. Over the years, she has established a large bank of resource contact persons, as both a Coasters employee and community volunteer, in the field of health & social services, education, social/community and economic development, employability. as well as in tourism, transport, arts & culture, communications, etc...

Cornella has built relationships, empowered others and worked for consensus in her community activities through open dialogue and facilitated discussions. Along the way she has helped establish partnerships on and off the territory with organizations, institutions, businesses, universities and CCTT”s in Quebec and Canada, as well as with the MRC, federal/provincial and regional government departments, etc… She is known as a pro-active and involved member of the community and is committed to putting the interests of the community first as she lobbies and network on behalf of the population of the Lower North Shore of Quebec.


Shannon Keats

Executive Assistant

Shannon Keats has been with the Coasters Association and has held many positions within the organization since November 1998.  Shannon started on a project as a Human Resources Development Researcher, which was funded by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).  Through the years she has been on many part-time projects as an animator and coordinator, has served as a replacement employee on numerous occasions, then program manager and in 2018 was promoted to a full-time permanent position as Executive Assistant.

Shannon’s role has been fundamental to the administrative department of the Coasters as well as the Executive Director.  She has been an asset to the organization, and combined with her years of knowledge and expertise, has always been willing to offer guidance and advice to new and current employees.  Shannon continues to expand and increase her knowledge by always strengthening and developing her administrative and organizational skills, which allows her to perform her job to the best of her ability. 

Shannon is known as a very proactive member of her community and a dedicated volunteer.  She has been apart of the growth and development of the Coasters for the last 23 years and hopes to continue with the organization and the communities it serves for years to come.


Priscilla Griffin

Office Manager

Priscilla Fequet Griffin started working for the Coasters Association in 1993 (28 years – March 2021) and has worked on various files during her time with the organization, ie: Lower North Shore Food Guide, and produced the Coasters newspaper (Coastar)  for many years. She played a lead role in the development of the wildberry file, managed the senior file and just recently transitioned to the role of office manager.

Priscilla has been involved in her community through many hours of volunteer work . Her time at the Coasters Association provided her the opportunity to gain experience in the fields of community development, economic development, social development, heritage & culture, youth, seniors, education, and communications, thus improving her skills to benefit the volunteer community.

She communicates well, is compassionate, empathetic and capable of building relationships, and empowering others. She holds volunteerism in high regard and has been apart of the fabric of community development; and was instrumental in leading and or supporting a variety of programs in the community.

She is recognized as a pro-active and involved member of the community. Her involvement in community life provided the opportunity to be in close contact with the people of the Lower North Shore. Therefore, her experience in social, community and economic development hold her in good stead.


Roderick Fequet

Human Resources & Community Liaison Officer

Roderick Fequet rejoined the Coasters Association in November of 2021 on a full-time contract basis as the organization’s Human Resources and Community Liaison Officer. The primary functions related to Roderick’s new role will be to provide management and developmental support to the organizations’ human resources, strategic restructuring and community needs assessments.

Roderick previously worked for the Coasters Association as the Social Economy Development Agent from 2015 to 2017 and brings with him a wide breadth and depth of knowledge from his prior tenure with the Coasters and his employment in government and in the national charitable industry. Roderick is experienced in organizational and operational management, administration, operations, finances, revenue generation, as well in the management of human resources including volunteers. Roderick is also technically skilled in managing databases, creating digital marketing material, as well as in the development of websites and social media accounts. Roderick is also proficient in the stewardship of meaningful relationships with internal and external stakeholders and is well versed in good governance best practices of boards of directors, specifically in the not for profit and charitable industries.

Roderick is also an avid gardener, enjoys photography, reading a good book and helping others to be the best that they can be and will be a valuable member of the Coasters Association in the years ahead.


James Buckle

Director of Finance

Mr. Buckle is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years business experience. He has created and sold several successful brands. When he isn’t working his day job at the Coasters, he manages two of his original businesses, in partnership with his wife, in Bonne Esperance.

James started with the Coasters Association in 1999. As Director of Finance, he ensures the proper functioning of all financial administration and financial processes, including accounting, budgets, employee salaries, benefits, and other internal processes of the Organization. He performs financial modeling, analysis and provides advice to assist the administration with funding decisions and project management. He ensures that the numerous project budgets are managed, funder agreements adhered to and reporting commitments are met.


Ida Jones

Assistant to the Director of Finance

Ida joined the Finance Team in 2017 and has over 20 years of accounting experience. 

In her role she oversees a wide range of finance and administration functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking and reconciliations, as well as cash management. She is responsible for reconciling all general ledger accounts and preparing monthly project reporting. She works closely with the Director of Finance to ensure that finances are maintained in an effective, up-to-date manner and is in accordance with policies and procedures.


Jessica Jones

Finance Clerk

Jessica Jones has been an employee of the Coasters Association since November 2014, on a Stabilization project funded by Emploi Quebec, and has undertaken different roles within the organization throughout the years. She began her employment as a Digital Health Inter where she gathered information on Health Prevention and Promotion Events and Awareness to create health media videos to be displayed in the clinics along the Lower North Shore to share with the population. 

As time progressed she had various roles to Data Entry Clerk, Social Economy Coordinator, Bookkeeper and now Finance Clerk, where she is a part of the finance department team working under the direction of the Director of Finance. Jessica is responsible for recording and paying vendor invoices and ensures efficient and accurate vendor payments as well as updating and maintaining the financial filing system for the Coasters Association.  She also provides accounting support to the Uni-Aide Foundation and notifies communities of the upcoming bursary, collects applications and forwards bursary application selections for the McGill Bursary Program. 

Jessica feels fortunate to be a team member of the Coasters Association and a part of the work they do, and with the seven years she has been with the organization has gained wonderful work experience and considers the individuals she works with as great mentors.


Kimberly Buffitt

Director of Operations & Innovation

Kimberly Buffitt joined the Coasters Association Inc. in 2004 and has led and managed the Networking and Partnership Initiative through the Community Health and Social Services Network since 2004 (17 years October 2021).  In 2020 she took a more active role in operations of the Coasters Association supporting the Executive Director in restructuring the operations of the Coasters Association due to its rapid expansion and growth.

She has been an Advisory member of the Lower North Shore Coalition for Health (LNSCH) since 2004, and very involved in the development of the LNS wildberry and non-timber forest products initiatives since 2009, and in leadership roles the establishment of a LNS Bio-Resources Co-op, the International Blue Coop and the Northern Research Center. She plays an active leadership role in the health sector as chair of the Advisory Committee and President of the Users Committee of the Lower North Shore for the CISSSCN.

Her involvement in the communities of the LNS provided her with the opportunity to be in close contact with the partners (on & off the territory) on a regular basis. She has worked to create an environment of innovation and has worked diligently to support the communities in having satellite offices and human resources in their communities. Over the years, she has established a large bank of resource contact persons, as both a Coasters employee and community volunteer, in the field of health & social services, education, social/community and economic development, employability. as well as in tourism, bio development, fisheries and aquaculture, arts & culture, communications, etc...

Kimberly has built relationships, empowered others and worked to develop programs and services across the territory through open dialogue and facilitated discussions. She is passionate about bringing youth back to the region and facilitated the foundation of a remote master’s program with the University of Quebec and Three Rivers (UQTR). Along the way she has helped establish partnerships on and off the territory with organizations, institutions, businesses, universities and CCTT’s in Quebec and Canada, as well as with the MRC, federal/provincial and regional governments departments, international partners etc… She is known as a pro-active and involved member of the community and is committed to putting the interests of the community first as she lobbies and network on behalf of the population of the Lower North Shore of Quebec.


Shelley Fequet

Director of Community Development & Mobilization

Shelley Fequet has worked with the Coasters Association since January of 2006.

Shelley has worked on a multitude of initiatives in health, social and community development and has held positions of Coordinator, Manager and Assistant to the Director of Programs, before being promoted to the position of Director of Community Development and Mobilization in 2019.

Shelley has taken part in many professional development trainings over the years in order to improve her capacity to support positive change. Some notable training with the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN), Health Canada and Tamarack, just to name a few. Her experience with an eco systemic approach has proven to be effective in working with different partners to improve access to programs and services.

Shelley has developed many resources and tools in her fifteen (15) plus years with the Coasters Association. Resources and tools that include; reports, manuals, guides, a Social Development Framework and soft skills workshops.

Shelley’s current role with the Coasters Association is to support the Municipalities and communities in increasing their capacity in order for them to increase social and economic opportunities for the Lower North Shore and “Strengthen Community Vitality”. Shelley also provides administrative support to the LNSCH and the Uni-Aide Foundation.

Shelley is known as someone who is involved in her community and serves as a member of various committees and boards. Her involvement shows her dedication to improving community development on the Lower North Shore.


Kayla Kippen

Senior Manager of Operations

Kayla has over 10 years of management experience in both the private and public sector. She has a diverse background of work experience from sales, agricultural services, public administration, and finance. During her time at the University of Ottawa, where she studied Psychology and Business Administration, she successfully balanced a full-time management position while also receiving her education. 

In her time with the Coasters Association, she has been involved in many files that contribute to the development of the health and social services offered on the Lower North Shore. She recently transitioned to Senior Manager of Operations at the organization where she is continuously investigating innovative solutions to encourage organizational and community development.   

Since 2019, Kayla has been the vice-chair for the Cote-Nord Regional Committee for the Program of Access to Health and Social Services in the English Language. She has also been very active in the development of the Lower North Shore Housing Corporation, the regional housing assessment, internal communications planning, strategic planning for the Northern Research Center, youth engagement strategy, to name a few.

Upon her return to the Lower North Shore, Kayla has also been influential in the development and sustainability of her own community of Kegaska. She is currently the President of the Kegaska Sports Committee and recently completed her three-year term on the Kegaska Local Committee. She is immensely passionate about seeing her community, and the Lower North Shore thrive. In every aspect, every file, her goal is always to ensure that the region is growing and adjusting to global demands, and social and economic realities. Her devotion to the Coast is undeniable.


Chelsey Thomas

Director of Youth & Development

Chelsey Thomas has worked with the Coasters Association since October of 2019. 

Chelsey started as the Program Manager of Youth and Development, focusing on engaging youth in employment and training opportunities throughout the Lower North Shore. In 2020 she was promoted to Director of Youth & Employability. 

Having relocated from Alberta after marrying a local from St. Paul’s, Chelsey brings an alternative perspective to her role. With a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism as well as multiple years of experience working in municipal settings, she has developed a strong background in working within communities. She is proficient in project development and grant writing. 

Chelsey’s current role focuses on the revitalization of the region through economic and social development. She has developed an employment strategy entitled “HOME” and coordinates a working committee with partners aimed at implementing the strategy. She supports development of project applications, the “Youth Brief”, and develops internship opportunities through the organization. She also provides support to the Wellness Center and Northern Research Center. 

Chelsey has been involved in the community since moving to St. Paul’s in 2019, having joined the Sport and Recreation Committee within her first year. Having recently had her first child, she understands the importance of sustaining community programs. She is dedicated to continuing to get involved in her community in order to contribute to the region’s revitalization.


Katie Roberts

Director of the Northern Research Center

Katie Roberts joined the Northern Research Center team of the Coasters Association in May 2021 as the Director. 

Katie received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Management and Leadership from Bishop’s University last fall. This career path gave her hands-on experience in all aspects of international management, focusing on human resources and marketing.   

Living away for most of her childhood, Katie always knew her heart would lead her back home to the Lower North Shore. With her determination and curiosity, she always looked for opportunities to volunteer with an end goal of developing her community, oftentimes in a leadership role. When Katie moved back to the Lower North Shore she quickly became involved in her community and made her voice heard. Getting her position with the Coasters Association opened the door to her lifelong goal. 

Katie’s position within the organization allows her to put her education and experiences within leadership to work. She applies her knowledge to help facilitate the organization with hopes of flourishing our beautiful territory’s hidden treasures. She is excited to be a part of the development and betterment of the place so many people call home.


Honlee Etheridge

Manager of Marketing & Communications

Honlee Hobbs-Etheridge has been part of the Communications team at the Coasters Association since June 2020. Starting as the Marketing and Communications Intern, she became the Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communications in January 2021, and is now the Manager of Marketing and Communications, as of July 2021.

Honlee received an Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Communications from the University of Ottawa in 2017. Throughout her academic and professional career, she experienced the many layers of communication; from sports coverage to live radio, advertising to social media, and so much more.

After returning to the Lower North Shore upon graduation, Honlee became more involved in her community. Through volunteering and event planning, she established herself in a role in the development of her community. However, she still felt there was more that she could do to help the Lower North Shore thrive. It was then when she found herself on the Communications team for the Coasters Association.

Honlee’s position within the organization allows her to use her experiences in various perspectives of communication and to apply the knowledge from those experiences to the Lower North Shore. She believes in the limitless potential of the LNS and hopes to be a part of its success.


Mason Organ

Manager of Northern Research Center Services

Mason Organ has been part of the Coasters Association team since January 2017. With an education background in Management and Marketing and a focus on Creative and Event Marketing, Mason has worked through various programs on economic, community, health and business development, as well as with the establishment of the Northern Research Center.

Having a life long history of active volunteerism and community involvement, a passion for helping others and a desire to make an impact, the Coasters Association made a natural fit for him to use his talents and skill set. 

As Manager of Business Development, with a goal of increasing vitality, capacity and economic security for the communities on the Lower North Shore, he has worked with many different nonprofit, education, industry and government organizations and institutions to create impactful partnerships. By connecting locals with resources on and off of the territory, he works to foster the next evolution of the Lower North Shore’s development story.


Gabrielle Anderson

Manager of Early Childhood Development


Jenna Maurice

Manager of Senior Services

Jenna Maurice started working with the Coasters Association Inc. on June 7th, 2021, as Lead animator of K.I.D.S summer camp. She spent the summer planning, scheduling, and monitoring the camp counsellors with great success!

On August 31 she was promoted to Manager of Senior Services, managing all the senior animators along the coast from Kegaska to Blanc Sablon, she has a background working with seniors as she has worked in retirement homes in the past which made her realize the needs that aren’t met for the older population. Right now, she is planning a Walk for Awareness on October 2nd to bring awareness to mental health. Being new to the role she is loving the team she is working with and is very excited to see what the future will bring. 

Jenna is fueled by her passion for understanding the needs of others, she considers herself eager to both build on the foundations that the coasters association created and stay in tune with the needs of the older population. Her determination to turn information into action will be a great asset in her future projects.


Latesha Fequet

Place aux Jeunes Migration Agent


In 2018, Latesha Fequet returned to the Lower North Shore, after spending six (6) years in Alberta, where she completed a Social Work university diploma program at MacEwan University. Throughout her program she was fortunate to work with the local senior population conducting animation and providing support services. During her final year in the program she worked in a second stage shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Over this experience, Latesha has developed a strong passion to work with vulnerable populations and advocates strongly about the importance of mental health and well-being. 

Latesha has worked with the Coasters Association in different capacities since 2011, but transitioned to a full-time position in May of 2018. Her work was heavily focused on bio-development and economic development. After a short maternity leave, she returned to the organization in a new role as the Place aux Jeunes Migration Agent, a program that was also new to the organization. 

In her new position, Latesha supports youth ages 18-35 in their migration to the Lower North Shore. Her level of support varies based on the needs of the youth interested, or in the process, of migrating to the region. This support may consist of the following:

  • Organize Exploratory Stays to visit the region, meet with employers, etc.
  • Reviewing the current job market in your field; 
  • Investigating potential employers;
  • Making connections with local and regional organizations;
  • Entrepreneurial support;
  • Securing accommodations in the interested community; 
  • Navigating the school system and child care services;
  • Connecting youth to local social, cultural and other activities 

She also has a significant implication on various youth files within the organization. It is her belief that in working on all elements that create a sense of belonging, she can encourage the development of a region that supports and encourages youth to migrate to our communities.

Latesha is very passionate about working with the population and building socially strong communities where anyone can love to live and call home. She is known for being empathetic, dependable, and objective. Latesha hopes that in her role she can make a true impact in the development of the communities on the Lower North Shore.


Leah Mathieu-Monger

Coordinator of Business Development & Marketing


Leatrice Collier

Nutrition North Education Animator

Leatrice Collier joined the Coasters Association team in 2017 as the Nutrition North Education Animator for Mutton Bay and La Tabatiere and proceeded to the position of Program Coordinator in May 2021.

As the Program Coordinator she creates and implements nutrition education activities for community groups, nonprofit organizations, retail and educational institutions. She offers support towards making healthy choices within Gros Mecatina by developing cooking and food sustainability workshops within the objectives of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Nutrition North programming.

Through the establishment of partnerships with local businesses, community groups and organizations she has helped motivate, expose and implement healthy food options to the communities by offering practical and theory based educational activities, as well as creating informative print and digital content concerning nutrition, cooking and gardening.


Chandra Nadeau

Wellness Animator

Chandra Nadeau was recently hired in the community of Kegaska as Wellness Animator. Chandra was raised in Kegaska, but spent 13 years of her life on a military base in Petawawa, Ontario with her military spouse. During that time, she gained various experience and knowledge in the workplace.

The experience that has had the most impact in Chandra’s various work experiences was working overseas for two six month contracts (in 2006 and 2009) in Afghanistan as a civilian employee of a support staff to the Canadian military. That experience taught Chandra to be open minded, tolerant, understanding and appreciative of the lives we live here in Canada. She will carry the honour of working alongside the Canadian military as well as the many other nations deployed at Kandahar Airfield at those times.

Chandra feels she has been blessed to be able to settle back on the Lower North Shore in Kegaska, Quebec since the summer of 2013. She enjoys being a part of a small community which is part of a huge family of Coasters from Blanc Sablon to Kegaska. It’s quite impressive to realize that no matter if you’ve met in person or not, everyone is always ready to help one another out or to lend a hand or a word of encouragement or care to each other in times of need.

Chandra has always been proud to be a Coaster and to now be a part of a team that has worked hard and with determination over the years to better the future of all Coasters, Chandra is happy to take part in working with the senior population to promote health and wellness amongst all.


Makayla Griffin

Senior Animator

Makayla Griffin started working for the Coasters Association May 2021 as the senior animator in the village of St. Augustin. 

Makayla has been working with seniors in her village for the past couple years as a home care worker for many of the seniors in town. She’s got to know them quite well. As the senior animator Makayla has been hosting a book club for the seniors every Tuesday evening called ‘Spilling the Tea’ she has also been planning some intergenerational activities for the coming months so it will bring the community closer.

On August 30th she was asked if she could be the animator for P.A.C.E in the municipality of St. Augustine for this year. Makayla was thrilled to take the position as she has a passion for working with children! She attended College of the North Atlantic for Early Childhood Education, so when the opportunity came up to be the P.A.C.E Animator she jumped on it. P.A.C.E is going great. Makayla has many activities planned for the children this year. 

Makayla is glad to be a part of such a great team at the Coasters Association as they share her passion of helping others and working as a group to help our seniors.


Torri Mansbridge

Senior Animator

Torri Mansbridge has worked at the Coasters Association since June 2021

Torri's current role within the Bonne-Esperance Wellness Centre is to organize activities for the seniors in our community, such as crafts, game nights, book club, carry out respite visits, Phone Pal check-ins and support the Bonne Esperance 50+ Club with Meals on Wheels. 

Since moving to St. Paul’s River 4 years ago, Torri has had the privilege to work with seniors by doing homecare and completing the FAQPAQ Homecare Aide course. This led her to gain amazing amount of knowledge about many different health limitations elders may have and was a great fit for the Wellness Center

In September 2021, Torri took on the role within the early childhood development file. Torri will adapt her expertise and care in working with vulnerable clientele into youth 0-5 to support their social and emotional development.

Torri is known as the “Old Soul” because of her love of embroidering, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Her love of beachcombing and spending time outside with her two boys has given her an appreciation of what the Lower North Shore has to offer.


Karen Elaine Wellman

Senior Animator

Karen Elaine Wellman was hired as a Wellness Animator in Gros Mécatina by the Coasters Association in May of 2020.

Elaine's past experience includes working with seniors as a Cook's Helper and Animator for the Chevery Seniors Club. Elaine also worked with seniors through the Solidarity Co-op. As Animator for the Wellness Center, Elaine's job includes a phone pal program and participating in workshop training programs.

Currently Elaine also works as an Outreach worker for the La Tabatière Seniors Group. Her tasks are delivering Meals on Wheels, Books on Wheels, Home Visiting and engaging in a number of different activities.

Elaine's pastimes include braiding and sewing mats with the Seniors in La Tabatière and Mutton Bay, knitting, and doing Diamond Art. Elaine enjoys the challenges of working with seniors and improving their quality of life.


Bianca James

Senior Animator

Bianca James is a new member of the Coasters Association. She is eager to get the seniors out and about and mingle amongst each other. With her experience in homecare and being around the elderly she will try her best to come up with activities and events that all the seniors will enjoy doing, to improve their health and make them happy. With her experience in crafts ex: knitting, cross stitching, quilting, drawing, wood burning and painting etc... Bianca can come up with creative activities and ideas for the seniors to do. 

Bianca hopes as the time goes on she will start to gain and build the trust of the seniors in the communities and get them to actively participate in the events and activities that she will try to bring to them, because she has a lot of interesting ideas to share with them to keep our heritage and traditions alive.


Ivonne Fuentes

Senior Animator

Ivonne Fuentes V started at the Coasters Association in April 2020, as the Senior Animator. She loves helping people, always thinking about what the others need and finding solutions. Her authentic heart is open to people and nature. To her human values are very important, respect, empathy, responsability, honesty, solidarity, love, generosity, giving, compasion, integrity, loyalty, honor, sincerity, friendship, family, peace, patience, discipline, fairness, values of my wonderful parents.

Tête-à-la-Baleine represents what Ivonne is, another opportunity in her life. Seniors are so important and also children. She loves to be part of their lives, to smile, to share, to do, to spend time with them and it fills her heart with energy again and again.

In Tête-à-la-Baleine, as an Artist, Ivonne has been doing and will do activities that involve the creativity, the art, the talent, the development of positive emotions, the originality of their activities and the authentic joy of doing it. Mixing the nature around us in the Lower North Shore with all the people around here and feeling just one.

Ivonne wore many hats in her professional and volunteer work - she has been working as a professional artist and teaching also for many years, professional singer, choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, Coach certified ''Teachers Talk Advantage'', in arts visuel she paints her own design, her own creations and also Photograph. She worked as Artistique Coordinator and arts teacher in University Institute Tecnologico y de Estudios de Monterrey and as Fitness Coach in Iowa State University with her program ''Athletes Evolution''. Ivonne played more than 10 musicals in the Theater, she recorded 9 CD'S with Mexican Entertainment Records, Musica Conceptual et Quality Records Co. in L.A. California and Mexico.

She performed on TV as a singer, she won the Latin Contest in Miami for Univision, in the USA she recorded the songs for the series Crossroads, without health you have nothing. As a Coach and Teacher has been doing it in many schools and worked with different ages, from children to seniors. 

In Quebec, she did volunteering to raise money as singer and artist for Operation Enfaint Soleil (2016-2018), Hôpital à Granby singing for the Anniversaries at the 4th floor (seniors), for Regional Ethnic Solidarity Yamaska as singer Palace in Granby 2015-2019, as Organizator and Singer for The Show ''Pour Alice'' for the Maison de l'hébergement Alice-Desmarais raising money for the Consult Extern. Also raised money for the CEGEP students for their trip to Belgium, volunteer for the Esentinel Workers with a project of Mental Health by a student Dyana Alondra R.F.,  for the Tourism Students in CEGEP at their Spectacle to raise money for their trip.

She finished the Francisation in 2018 in CEGEP after arriving in this beautiful Country in 2017.  She participated in the Mariniers Show as a guest to sing Mexican Traditional Songs at the Palace in Granby.

Through all her work - She loves the Coasters Association!


Emily Ann Joncas

Early Childhood Animator

Before working for the Coasters Association, Emily Ann Joncas attended school in Lennoxville, Quebec where she graduated from the Social Science program at Champlain Regional College. While attending college, she took a geography course and fell in love with everything Earth related! This led her to attend Bishop's University majoring in Environmental Studies & Geography with a minor in Psychology.

After completing her schooling Emily Ann returned to the Lower North Shore to start a family. When the opportunity to apply for a position as the Pace animator arose, she jumped on it and never looked back.

Emily Ann has worked with the Coasters Association as an Early Childhood Development Animator for the last 9 years in the village of Lourdes-De-Blanc-Sablon. Throughout Emily Ann’s animation career, she has seen the program change in many ways in terms of locale and how the workshops are carried out but her steadfast dedication to the children has always remained the same. Emily Ann loves to watch the children explore, learn, and grow until they are ready to head off to school. Some of her favourite workshops include science experiments, nature walks and books!


Adeline Anderson

Early Childhood Animator


The Board

Eileen Schofield


Johanne Beaudoin

Vice President

Gloria Bobbitt


Tony Roberts


Dean McKinnon

Executive Member – Municipality of Gros Mécatina

Glen McKinnon

Executive Member – Native Representation

Mickael Lambert

Francophone Representative

Greta Gallibois

Municipality of St. Augustine

Dale Keats

Sector Seat: Youth & Employability

Stella Bobbitt

Sector Seat: Seniors & Loss of Autonomy

Garland Nadeau

Sector Seat: Small Business Enterprises

Philip Joycey

Education Representative: CSSL

Deborah Foltin

Education Representative, CSSL

Baudouin Lalo

Native Representative

Constance Monger

CISSS Côte Nord Representative


Cornella Maurice

Executive Director

Shannon Keats

Executive Assistant

Priscilla Griffin

Office Manager

Kimberly Buffitt

Director of Operations & Innovation

James Buckle

Director of Finance

Our Structure

The Region


Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon

Emily-Ann Joncas: Early Childhood Education Animator

Bianca James: Senior Animator


In Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon:

  • Wellness Centers


Honlee Etheridge: Manager of Marketing & Communications 


In Brador:

  • Northern Research Centers

Middle Bay

St. Paul's River

Cornella Maurice: Executive Director

Kimberly Buffitt: Director of Engagement & Development

James Buckle: Director of Finance 

Shelley Fequet: Director of Community Development & Mobilization 

Chelsey Thomas: Director of Youth & Development 

Shannon Keats: Executive Assistant

Priscilla Griffin: Office Manager

Roderick Fequet: Human Resources & Community Liaison Officer

Ida Jones: Assistant to the Director of Finance

Jessica Jones: Finance Clerk

Latesha Fequet: Place aux Jeunes Migration Agent

Jenna Maurice: Manager of Senior Initiatives

Torri Mansbridge: Wellness Animator

In St. Paul's River:

  • Head Office
  • Northern Research Centers
  • Wellness Centers

Old Fort Bay

St. Augustine

Makayla Griffin: Wellness Animator


In St. Augustine:

  • Wellness Centers

La Tabatière

Leah Monger: Videographer

Adeline Anderson: Early Childhood Education Animator

Karen Elaine Wellman: Senior Animator


In La Tabatière:

  • Northern Research Centers
  • Wellness Centers

Mutton Bay

Mason Organ: Manager of Business Development

Leatrice Collier: Nutrition North Program Coordinator 


In Mutton Bay:

  • Northern Research  Centers
  • Wellness Centers


Ivonne Fuentes: Senior Animator


In Tête-à-la-Baleine:

  • Wellness Centers

Harrington Harbour


Katie Roberts: Director of the Northern Research Centers

Gabrielle Anderson: Manager of Early Childhood Development

In Chevery:

  • Northern Research Centers
  • Wellness Centers

La Romaine


Kayla Kippen: Senior Manager of Operations 

Chandra Nadeau: Wellness Animator


In Kegaska:

  • Coasters Association Satellite Office
  • Wellness Centers

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The Coasters Association believes in the Lower North Shore and all it has to offer. We recognize the limitless potential of our unique and beautiful region and are dedicated to its development.

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