HPP - Improving the of Health of Senior’s on the Lower North Shore


The Lower North Shore consists of fifteen isolated and vulnerable communities, with a population of less than six thousand, spread over an area of 235 miles on the north east side of Quebec, about 800 miles from Quebec City.    Modes of transportation include airlines, a coastal ship and ferry service (eastern communities) in the summer months and snowmobiles during the winter season.   The main health center is located in Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, for most specialized needs or emergencies; patients have to travel to Sept-Iles, Rimouski, Quebec, and Montreal or to St. Anthony, Newfoundland. The language predominately spoken is English, two of the fifteen communities are mainly French speaking, and a third community speaks both French and English.

One of the Coasters Association first and possibly largest dossiers continues to be issues dealing with health and social services. In the past nine (9) years the network (Lower North Shore Coalition for Health) has developed a strategic plan and sustainability plan where partners have committed to developing and maintaining a long term and sustainable Regional Health Network. One of the priorities identified include Seniors and Those with Loss of Autonomy.

Seniors and persons with a loss of autonomy face many challenges one being housing at care facilities. Seniors that require housing facilities must deal with moving away from family and their home communities and often face long wait times for space. This is due to the amount and location of facilities on the territory. Currently there is one (1) long term care facility and a privately owned intermediary resource located in Blanc Sablon, one (1) intermediary resource in Harrington Harbour and one (1) family type facility in St. Augustine on the territory.

To support the priority of Seniors and Those with Loss of Autonomy and considering the current movement towards the development of initiatives that support seniors and caregivers the LNSCH and Coasters Association put in place strategies that will allow seniors to age well at home. In the first phase of the HPP program Senior Day Centres were established in six (6) communities on the Lower North Shore.

However, while many accomplishments have been realized the senior’s day centers still remain a relatively new initiative and continued support is required to keep the initiative moving forward. Every community on the Lower North Shore has unique geography and characteristics that require programming to be evaluated and adapted as required to ensure it meets the communities’ needs.  The Coasters Association has been struggling to find sustainable sources of funding to support the animation at the Senior Day Centers and many applications have been submitted and other possible funders are continuing to be explored. Also, The Uni-Aide Foundation has also accepted to have the Senior Day Center as part of its Social Programming Funding framework. However, this framework is still under development and the foundation will require support to establish the Social Programming fund.

As a result of the current situation, it is evident that ongoing resources and support are required to further advance the above mentioned immediate results to yield long term and sustainable commitments to improve the Health and Social Services of the Lower North Shore.


Targeted Direct Result

A health promotion initiative aimed at vulnerable English-speaking group is launched and providing important information for this group at risk.



  • Maintain Community Advisory Committees (6)
  • Implement sustainability plan for Senior Day Centers
  • Volunteer data base established and volunteer schedules implemented for Senior Day Center sites
  • Continue to develop and implement training program for volunteers and staff of senior day centers
  • Establish intergenerational programming activities
  • Establish adapted transportation with responsible organizations
  • Partnership agreement maintained with CSSSBCN
  • Implement HPP Communication Plan
  • Complete project applications to ensure continuation of the program
  • Maintain Partnership (i.e. Ami Quebec, Local Table for Seniors, Aident Naturalle, L’Appui, CSL,CLC,Uni Aide Foundation, LNSCH, etc…)
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