The Coasters Association is a non-profit organization formed in St. Augustine in 1988 by a group of concerned citizens of the Lower North Shore. The association was incorporated in La Tabatiere in 1991 with the clear objective of protecting and furthering the interests of the population and contributing to the vitality of the Lower North Shore of Quebec. The Association’s work is mainly funded by the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, while the remainder of its funding is received from other government departments (i.e. federal, provincial, and local), as well as fundraising, donations and membership drives. The Coasters Association’s membership stands at 3,542 and with each new member, the Association becomes stronger!

The Association has had many Presidents over the years, each one uniquely contributing and adding their own special touch. The Founding President was Mr. Denis Murray and the other Presidents were: Mr. Medric Maurice; Ms. Joan Mckinnon; Mr. Barry Roberts; Mr. Wilson Evans; Mr. Scott Buckle; and Mr. Tony Roberts. Our current President is Mr. Anthony Dumas.

The Founding Committee members are:

Denis Murray, President

Bill Flock, Vice-President

Randy Jones, Member

Medric Maurice, Member

Cornella Maurice, Member

Emmerance Murray, Member

To accomplish the various tasks at hand, thirteen elected directors, representing the five municipalities of the coast administer the Association and ensure that it remains attuned to the specific needs of the coast.  Channelled through a Board of Directors, the Association serves as a reliable source of information for residents of the Lower North Shore.  The Association assists residents of the coast by bringing new skills, developing new programs, offering new services and by providing leadership training in each community to foster autonomy and development.

The Administrative Team are:

Cornella Maurice, Executive Director

James Buckle, Director of Finance

Lenora Keats, Office Manager

The Coasters Association is the only regional organization of the Lower North Shore representing all of the communities on all issues, and voicing their concerns as one collective body.  The Board of Directors meets every second month to discuss common concerns and lobbying strategies, to share resources and to find potential solutions to specific problems linked to geographical isolation.  These meetings serve to identify important issues and to implement needed programs

Some of our current actions are:


  • Youth Issues (i.e.: Job training & employment, transportation, camps, leadership & life skills, retention strategies, network)
  • Services to the Community (i.e.: fishers, tourism, wildberry, green house, seaweed, community gardens & kitchens, heritage & culture, partnerships)
  • Social/Community Development (i.e.: drug & alcohol abuse, crime prevention, seniors - women’s – disabled issues, literacy, early childhood development, anti-poverty, healthy lifestyles – nutrition - food security, diabetes, H.SS retention strategies, regional access program, community public health strategy & community profiles)
  • Communication Network (i.e.: newspaper, web page, radio, cap sites, video conferencing, tele-health, phone-in program, organizational folder, technology - high speed internet, task force).

Our intent is to make the Lower North Shore a better place to live for residents of the coast and we firmly believe that this objective will be attained sooner if all partners continue working together.  By linking the communities of the coast and by giving them a chance to partake in joint initiatives, the Coasters Association hopes to create a common bond enabling the Lower North Shore to face the challenge of growth and development as one.

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Coasters Association made possible through

financial assistance from Canadian Heritage