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NPI - A Matter of Services

The Coasters Association has been working on the Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) since October 2004. The direction of the new NPI guidebook fits perfectly into the context and framework that the Coasters Association has been developing for the last nine (9) years. Networking Unit Development, representation, knowledge development, adapting services and addressing the health determinants and community leadership have been the cornerstones of our theory of change. Outlined below are some of our key successes, as well as areas of development for the next four (4) years.


To support the priority of Seniors and Those with Loss of Autonomy and considering the current movement towards the development of initiatives that support seniors and caregivers the LNSCH and Coasters Association put in place strategies that will allow seniors to age well at home. In the first phase of the HPP program Senior Day Centres were established in six (6) communities on the Lower North Shore.

Senior's Day Centers

The Day Centers operates with the support of the senior clubs and/or supported by advisory groups in the  communities of Harrington Harbour, La Tabatiere, Tête a la Baleine, St. Augustine, St. Paul's River and Blanc Sablon.


Basse Cote Nord en Forme

In 2008, the Lower North Shore Coalition for Health submitted an application to Quebec en Forme, in collaboration with the Coasters Association and was approved. In January 2009, a pilot project was initiated in three communities (Harrington Harbour, Chevery and St. Paul’s) and Animators were hired to carry out activities that promote healthy, active lives.  In April 2010, 3 additional communities were mobilized (St. Augustine, La Tabatiere and Blanc Sablon) and additional Animators were hired thus, ensuring that activities were carried out in all five (5) Municipalities on the territory. The Basse Côte Nord en Forme is an initiative of the Lower North Shore Coalition for Health and works in cooperation with community organizations and interested residents to provide opportunities and support for youth aged 0 to 17 years and their families to adopt active lifestyles and healthy eating habits which, hopefully, they will carry with them throughout their lives.


Youth Employment Strategy

The program is designed to help youth between the ages of 16 and 30 to overcome employment barriers by enabling them to develop life and employability skills to assist them on their journey toward reinsertion into the labour market and / or continue with their education, becoming a contributing and more employable member of society.

K.I.D.S. Summer Camp

The mission of KIDS Summer Camp is to nurture and develop a safe and healthy environment in which youth can improve their health and obtain skills that will assist them in their future lives, through physical activities, mental development, artistic growth, environment awareness and community/family participation.
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