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About Us

The Division

The Wellness Center is a place where people can connect with programs, services, and information to support them on their path to health and wellness, enabling them to live a well-rounded lifestyle.
The mission of the Wellness Centers is to improve the vitality, health and well-being of youth, seniors, families and communities on the Lower North Shore. 
Its goals are: to provide services and support relating to the nine pillars of health and wellness for youth, seniors, families and communities; to increase community engagement across all populations; to promote healthy and sustainable communities on the Lower North Shore; and to encourage inclusive social development in seven capitals (i.e. Natural, Cultural, Human, Social, Political, Built and Financial) that fosters favourable environments and vibrant communities. 

How we tackle the challenge


healthy people and healthy places


the community’s strength and assets, and building upon them to promote long-term health and sustainability


on proactive measures rather than reactionary ones

Our Programs

The programs offered through the Wellness Center have been some of the earliest programs delivered by the organization. At our core, we feel that these programs and services offered to the population are of the highest importance in addressing the challenges we face on the Lower North Shore. 

Currently, our activities are centered around the senior population and animation for children aged 0-5 years. Through many community consultations, it was voiced that there is a gap in programming for the adult population and youth after school programs. Many communities feel the side effects of this often leads to unhealthy behaviors and/or lifestyles, and the Coasters Association shares this concern as well.

We have identified the importance of our role in resolving this issue. We have been to mobilize our networks to continue the conversation around this issue and establish a solution for the population. We hope that one day there will be Wellness Centers in each community that offer programming and animation for everyone in the community.

Our Team

Jenna Maurice

Manager of Senior Services


Jenna Maurice started working with the Coasters Association Inc. on June 7th, 2021, as Lead animator of K.I.D.S summer camp. She spent the summer planning, scheduling, and monitoring the camp counsellors with great success!

On August 31 she was promoted to Manager of Senior Services, managing all the senior animators along the coast from Kegaska to Blanc Sablon, she has a background working with seniors as she has worked in retirement homes in the past which made her realize the needs that aren’t met for the older population. Right now, she is planning a Walk for Awareness on October 2nd to bring awareness to mental health. Being new to the role she is loving the team she is working with and is very excited to see what the future will bring. 

Jenna is fueled by her passion for understanding the needs of others, she considers herself eager to both build on the foundations that the coasters association created and stay in tune with the needs of the older population. Her determination to turn information into action will be a great asset in her future projects.


Gabrielle Anderson

Manager of Early Childhood Development


Leatrice Collier

Coordinator of Nutrition North

Leatrice Collier joined the Coasters Association team in 2017 as the Nutrition North Education Animator for Mutton Bay and La Tabatiere and proceeded to the position of Program Coordinator in May 2021.

As the Program Coordinator she creates and implements nutrition education activities for community groups, nonprofit organizations, retail and educational institutions. She offers support towards making healthy choices within Gros Mecatina by developing cooking and food sustainability workshops within the objectives of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Nutrition North programming.

Through the establishment of partnerships with local businesses, community groups and organizations she has helped motivate, expose and implement healthy food options to the communities by offering practical and theory based educational activities, as well as creating informative print and digital content concerning nutrition, cooking and gardening.


Chandra Nadeau

Wellness Animator

Chandra Nadeau was recently hired in the community of Kegaska as Wellness Animator. Chandra was raised in Kegaska, but spent 13 years of her life on a military base in Petawawa, Ontario with her military spouse. During that time, she gained various experience and knowledge in the workplace.

The experience that has had the most impact in Chandra’s various work experiences was working overseas for two six month contracts (in 2006 and 2009) in Afghanistan as a civilian employee of a support staff to the Canadian military. That experience taught Chandra to be open minded, tolerant, understanding and appreciative of the lives we live here in Canada. She will carry the honour of working alongside the Canadian military as well as the many other nations deployed at Kandahar Airfield at those times.

Chandra feels she has been blessed to be able to settle back on the Lower North Shore in Kegaska, Quebec since the summer of 2013. She enjoys being a part of a small community which is part of a huge family of Coasters from Blanc Sablon to Kegaska. It’s quite impressive to realize that no matter if you’ve met in person or not, everyone is always ready to help one another out or to lend a hand or a word of encouragement or care to each other in times of need.

Chandra has always been proud to be a Coaster and to now be a part of a team that has worked hard and with determination over the years to better the future of all Coasters, Chandra is happy to take part in working with the senior population to promote health and wellness amongst all.


Makayla Griffin

Wellness Animator

Makayla Griffin started working for the Coasters Association May 2021 as the senior animator in the village of St. Augustin. 

Makayla has been working with seniors in her village for the past couple years as a home care worker for many of the seniors in town. She’s got to know them quite well. As the senior animator Makayla has been hosting a book club for the seniors every Tuesday evening called ‘Spilling the Tea’ she has also been planning some intergenerational activities for the coming months so it will bring the community closer.

On August 30th she was asked if she could be the animator for P.A.C.E in the municipality of St. Augustine for this year. Makayla was thrilled to take the position as she has a passion for working with children! She attended College of the North Atlantic for Early Childhood Education, so when the opportunity came up to be the P.A.C.E Animator she jumped on it. P.A.C.E is going great. Makayla has many activities planned for the children this year. 

Makayla is glad to be a part of such a great team at the Coasters Association as they share her passion of helping others and working as a group to help our seniors.


Torri Mansbridge

Wellness Animator

Torri Mansbridge has worked at the Coasters Association since June 2021

Torri's current role within the Bonne-Esperance Wellness Centre is to organize activities for the seniors in our community, such as crafts, game nights, book club, carry out respite visits, Phone Pal check-ins and support the Bonne Esperance 50+ Club with Meals on Wheels. 

Since moving to St. Paul’s River 4 years ago, Torri has had the privilege to work with seniors by doing homecare and completing the FAQPAQ Homecare Aide course. This led her to gain amazing amount of knowledge about many different health limitations elders may have and was a great fit for the Wellness Center

In September 2021, Torri took on the role within the early childhood development file. Torri will adapt her expertise and care in working with vulnerable clientele into youth 0-5 to support their social and emotional development.

Torri is known as the “Old Soul” because of her love of embroidering, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Her love of beachcombing and spending time outside with her two boys has given her an appreciation of what the Lower North Shore has to offer.


Ivonne Fuentes

Senior Animator

Ivonne Fuentes V started at the Coasters Association in April 2020, as the Senior Animator. She loves helping people, always thinking about what the others need and finding solutions. Her authentic heart is open to people and nature. To her human values are very important, respect, empathy, responsability, honesty, solidarity, love, generosity, giving, compasion, integrity, loyalty, honor, sincerity, friendship, family, peace, patience, discipline, fairness, values of my wonderful parents.

Tête-à-la-Baleine represents what Ivonne is, another opportunity in her life. Seniors are so important and also children. She loves to be part of their lives, to smile, to share, to do, to spend time with them and it fills her heart with energy again and again.

In Tête-à-la-Baleine, as an Artist, Ivonne has been doing and will do activities that involve the creativity, the art, the talent, the development of positive emotions, the originality of their activities and the authentic joy of doing it. Mixing the nature around us in the Lower North Shore with all the people around here and feeling just one.

Ivonne wore many hats in her professional and volunteer work - she has been working as a professional artist and teaching also for many years, professional singer, choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, Coach certified ''Teachers Talk Advantage'', in arts visuel she paints her own design, her own creations and also Photograph. She worked as Artistique Coordinator and arts teacher in University Institute Tecnologico y de Estudios de Monterrey and as Fitness Coach in Iowa State University with her program ''Athletes Evolution''. Ivonne played more than 10 musicals in the Theater, she recorded 9 CD'S with Mexican Entertainment Records, Musica Conceptual et Quality Records Co. in L.A. California and Mexico.

She performed on TV as a singer, she won the Latin Contest in Miami for Univision, in the USA she recorded the songs for the series Crossroads, without health you have nothing. As a Coach and Teacher has been doing it in many schools and worked with different ages, from children to seniors. 

In Quebec, she did volunteering to raise money as singer and artist for Operation Enfaint Soleil (2016-2018), Hôpital à Granby singing for the Anniversaries at the 4th floor (seniors), for Regional Ethnic Solidarity Yamaska as singer Palace in Granby 2015-2019, as Organizator and Singer for The Show ''Pour Alice'' for the Maison de l'hébergement Alice-Desmarais raising money for the Consult Extern. Also raised money for the CEGEP students for their trip to Belgium, volunteer for the Esentinel Workers with a project of Mental Health by a student Dyana Alondra R.F.,  for the Tourism Students in CEGEP at their Spectacle to raise money for their trip.

She finished the Francisation in 2018 in CEGEP after arriving in this beautiful Country in 2017.  She participated in the Mariniers Show as a guest to sing Mexican Traditional Songs at the Palace in Granby.

Through all her work - She loves the Coasters Association!


Karen Elaine Wellman

Senior Animator

Karen Elaine Wellman was hired as a Wellness Animator in Gros Mécatina by the Coasters Association in May of 2020.

Elaine's past experience includes working with seniors as a Cook's Helper and Animator for the Chevery Seniors Club. Elaine also worked with seniors through the Solidarity Co-op. As Animator for the Wellness Center, Elaine's job includes a phone pal program and participating in workshop training programs.

Currently Elaine also works as an Outreach worker for the La Tabatière Seniors Group. Her tasks are delivering Meals on Wheels, Books on Wheels, Home Visiting and engaging in a number of different activities.

Elaine's pastimes include braiding and sewing mats with the Seniors in La Tabatière and Mutton Bay, knitting, and doing Diamond Art. Elaine enjoys the challenges of working with seniors and improving their quality of life.


Bianca James

Senior Animator

Bianca James is a new member of the Coasters Association. She is eager to get the seniors out and about and mingle amongst each other. With her experience in homecare and being around the elderly she will try her best to come up with activities and events that all the seniors will enjoy doing, to improve their health and make them happy. With her experience in crafts ex: knitting, cross stitching, quilting, drawing, wood burning and painting etc... Bianca can come up with creative activities and ideas for the seniors to do. 

Bianca hopes as the time goes on she will start to gain and build the trust of the seniors in the communities and get them to actively participate in the events and activities that she will try to bring to them, because she has a lot of interesting ideas to share with them to keep our heritage and traditions alive.


Emily Ann Joncas

Early Childhood Animator

Before working for the Coasters Association, Emily Ann Joncas attended school in Lennoxville, Quebec where she graduated from the Social Science program at Champlain Regional College. While attending college, she took a geography course and fell in love with everything Earth related! This led her to attend Bishop's University majoring in Environmental Studies & Geography with a minor in Psychology.

After completing her schooling Emily Ann returned to the Lower North Shore to start a family. When the opportunity to apply for a position as the Pace animator arose, she jumped on it and never looked back.

Emily Ann has worked with the Coasters Association as an Early Childhood Development Animator for the last 9 years in the village of Lourdes-De-Blanc-Sablon. Throughout Emily Ann’s animation career, she has seen the program change in many ways in terms of locale and how the workshops are carried out but her steadfast dedication to the children has always remained the same. Emily Ann loves to watch the children explore, learn, and grow until they are ready to head off to school. Some of her favourite workshops include science experiments, nature walks and books!


Adeline Anderson

Early Childhood Animator


The Region


Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon

Emily-Ann Joncas: Early Childhood Education Animator

Bianca James: Senior Animator


Middle Bay

St. Paul's River

Jenna Maurice: Manager of Senior Initiatives

Torri Mansbridge: Wellness Animator

Old Fort Bay

St. Augustine

Makayla Griffin: Wellness Animator

La Tabatière

Adeline Anderson: Early Childhood Education Animator

Karen Elaine Wellman: Senior Animator

Mutton Bay

Leatrice Collier: Nutrition North Program Coordinator


Ivonne Fuentes: Senior Animator

Harrington Harbour


Gabrielle Anderson: Manager of Early Childhood Development

La Romaine


Chandra Nadeau: Wellness Animator

Our Structure


The Coasters Association believes in the Lower North Shore and all it has to offer. We recognize the limitless potential of our unique and beautiful region and are dedicated to its development.

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