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Wellness Centers

A division of the Coasters Association focused on the health and wellbeing of the residents of the Lower North Shore

Our Mission

The Wellness Centers works to improve the vitality, health and well-being of youth, seniors, families and communities on the Lower North Shore.

Our Objectives

The Lower North Shore is a vibrant, healthy region where people are engaged, thrive, grow, learn, and contribute.


the Wellness Centers to communities


multi-sectoral collaboration and partnership building


communication of health service and community support information


the health and wellness of the Lower North Shore to sustain a solid foundation


the health and wellness of the Lower North Shore to sustain a solid foundation


opportunities for social connections, intergenerational activities, and physical activity


community vitality through health, physical activity, social connection, accessibility, and equity


social development on the Lower North Shore

Our Impact in Numbers

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Wellness Centers

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Early Childhood Education Animators

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Senior Animators

The Coasters Association believes in the Lower North Shore and all it has to offer. We recognize the limitless potential of our unique and beautiful region and are dedicated to its development.

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