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Steel River Group Awards Students on the Lower North Shore

Steel River Group – Athletics and Academics Award

The Steel River Group will fund the awards. An amount of $1000.00 for one (1) secondary V student from each of the secondary schools (Netagamiou – Chevery, Gros Mecatina, St. Augustine, St. Paul’s River, Mgr. Scheffer – Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, École Pakuashipi and École Olamen – La Romaine) will be awarded annually. The student winning the award will perform well in academics and school-related sports. Candidates will have participated in a minimum of two (2) local or regional designated CSSL and/or Pakuashipi and/or Unamen Shipu sports competitions and maintain an academic average equal to or greater than their cohort. If a student is alone in their school cohort, the overall average for the school board Secondary V will be used. If no candidates are eligible in one of the targeted schools, the funds will be awarded to the school to promote active lifestyles.

Steel River Group – Cornella Maurice-Resilience and Passion Award

Cornella Maurice, Executive Director, is one of the founding members of the Coasters Association, established in 1988. She has been directly involved in the organization’s growth and progression over the last 33 years. In recognition of her commitment to the communities of the Lower North Shore, her son, Trent Fequet, is honouring her 33 years (May 2021) of dedication to the Lower North Shore with an annual award of $2,500.00. This award will be given to an exemplary Secondary V student selected from one of the secondary schools across the Lower North Shore.

The Cornella Maurice Secondary V Award will be given to an exemplary Secondary V student selected from one of the secondary schools across the Lower North Shore who has demonstrated:

  • good academic standing;
  • a desire to pursue post-secondary education;
  • perseverance in achieving an important goal that has contributed to helping others.
  • social responsibility;
  • a passion for community engagement;
  • a significant contribution to life on the Lower North Shore through school and community service participation.


To qualify for consideration for Cornella Maurice-Resilience & Passion Award, the candidate must:

  • be recommended by a local selection committee composed of staff members from the student’s school;
  • submit term two secondary V transcripts and secondary four ministry results;
  • provide proof of enrollment in the fall semester of the application year at a post-secondary institution;
  • submit a short essay (not to exceed 500 words) outlining why they believe they should be considered for this scholarship.


Final Selection Committee:

A selection committee will be comprised of representatives across the Lower North Shore. This committee will consist of the President of the Coasters Association – Eileen Schofield, the Administrator of the CSSL – Philip Joycey, Steel River Group – Kristopher Fequet, Local Education Committee – Ghislaine Monger, École Pakuashipi – Mary Mark, École Olamen, Unamen Shipu – Eric Reid.

The scholarship payment will be made by cheque and sent to the Secondary V students – winners of the award, who are studying at the post-education address, upon receiving approval of the Partnership Selection Committee and all documentation about the awards provided during the verification process.

More about the Awards

For more information, please contact:

Cornella Maurice, Executive Director, by phone at 418-379-2024, via email at


Kimberly Buffitt, Director of Operations and Innovation, by phone at 438-870-3215, via email at

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