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Coaster’s Association Virtual Coastal Summit 

A virtual Coastal summit was organized and carried out by the Coasters Association in the fall of 2021. A total of 156 individuals participated in a series of Zoom sessions which had the objective of sharing information about the social and economic initiatives of the Coasters Association and how to support the development of the Lower North Shore.

From November 2 – 17, 2020, 9 community meetings were held across the territory. Community members and partners in Kegaska, Harrington, La Romaine, Chevery, Tete-a-la-Baleine, the Municipalities of Gros Mecatina, St. Augustine, Bonne Esperance and Blanc Sablon came together to share information, identify challenges and potential areas of development. Participants received information on their community/municipal data, the Coasters Association Social Development Framework, and the Coasters Association’s initiatives in their community. Each community meeting also consisted of an exercise to identify each community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

On November 24 & 25, 2020, a Leadership Summit took place where municipal councils/local committees had the opportunity to come together to discuss the realities and challenges of the Lower North Shore. Municipal profiles were presented, and discussions highlighted issues that impacted accessing and developing infrastructures, programs and services for Municipalities. Espace Muni explained their services available to Municipalities, and the 13 Ways presentation showcased barriers communities were experiencing in development.

A Partnership Summit on December 8 & 9, 2020, brought together a dynamic fusion of local, regional, provincial, national, and international partners. This summit allowed interested stakeholders to discuss the Lower North Shore’s economic development. The accomplishments of the Coasters Association’s Northern Research Center were highlighted, and discussions were held around the realities of developing isolated, northern communities and the innovative solutions of the Lower North Shore to address them. Keynote speakers; Trent Fequet of Steel River Group and Pierre Erwes of BioMarine Network showcased their models and solidified the Coasters Association’s vision for potential economic development.

At the Coasters Association Annual General Meeting (Feb 23, 2021), a Coastal Summit summary was presented. The presentation is available at the office. A full report will be produced and shared. Thank you to all the participants of the 2020 Virtual Coastal Summit.

More about the summit

To find out more about the Virtual Coastal Summit, contact our Director of Community Development & Mobilization, Shelley Fequet at

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