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Bishop’s Forum 

From August 13-18th, three of our employees from the Northern Research Center had the privilege of attending the Bishop’s Forum in Lennoxville, QC. The Bishop’s Forum welcomed young English-speaking Quebecers for an interactive civic leadership institute. This initiative was supported by the Quebec Government through the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise.

During this week, Katie, Honlee and Mason had the opportunity to network with many fellow English-speaking leaders from all over the province. Making new connections and engaging with other like-minded young professionals while promoting our territory was an experience that was unlike any other. They were allowed to get an “Inside Look” at how some of the fundamental institutions of Quebec society work. They also gained insight into how the Quebec National Assembly, political parties, business, community and not-for-profit organizations and the media influence public discourse and policy. They had the opportunity to meet and discuss important topics with government people, such as Mr. Christopher Skeete, Ms. Melanie Joly, Ms. Marion Sandilands and many more.

We are very proud of the team’s engagement and involvement in getting their voices heard. The Coasters Association and the Lower North Shore were well represented and recognized at a provincial level with many of our future’s young leaders.

More about the Bishop’s Forum

To find out more about the Bishop’s Forum, contact our Director of the Northern Research Center, Katie Roberts at

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