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KIDS Summer Camp 2021 

In the summer of 2006, Kimberly Buffitt and Laurette Gallibois requested the Coasters Association to administer a pilot project in the Municipalities of Bonne Esperance and St. Augustine to provide a six-week Summer Camp for youth. The summer camp entitled Kindness, Inspiration, Determination, Spirit, “KIDS” has proven a great success. In 2007, the Coasters Association expanded the KIDS Summer Camp to two (2) other communities (La Tabatière and Blanc Sablon). In 2019, the Municipality of Blanc Sablon operated the camp in Blanc Sablon, and the Coasters Association delivered the camps in St. Paul’s River and La Tabatière.

The mission of the KIDS Summer Camp is to nurture and develop a safe and healthy environment. The camp fulfills its mission and provides employment opportunities for our students who are furthering their education, and it assists working families. It is a social, educational, environmental, cultural, community and historical development activity. It is also known that kids involved in summer activities (such as the camp) do better in the upcoming school year and participate more in community events.
At the KIDS summer camp start-up in 2006, Kimberly and I never envisioned having her daughter (Shae-Lynn Roberts) and my granddaughters (Ashley Roberts, Latesha Fequet) work at the camp. Still, they did, and this experience laid the foundation for future employment with the Coasters Association and with support from partnering organizations, such as Cedfob, Steel River Group and I&S Seafood.

AND in 2021, 15 years later – with pride, I had the opportunity to see my great-granddaughter, Aubree Woodland, attend the KIDS summer camp. A special thank you to Service Canada and Centre de services scolaire du Littoral and ALL our other funders (too many to name) for making Kimberly and Laurette’s dream a reality. Hats off to you!

Executive Director, Cornella Maurice

More about KIDS Summer Camp

To find out more about the KIDS Summer Camp, contact our 2021 Lead Animator, Jenna Maurice at

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