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About Us

The Division

The Northern Research Center (NRC) (previously known as the Lower North Shore Research Facility) will provide a world-class hub for science and technology in Quebec Arctic and northern regions, focusing on the development of social and economic innovation.

Developing industry and the social fabric of communities is at the heart of the NRC’s mission. The NRC, located in the MRC de Golfe du St. Laurent, will attract local and international scientists to work in Quebec and engage Northerners in cutting-edge science and technology to address their needs in terms of economic development of their renewable resources. 

The NRC will complement and anchor the network work smaller regional facilities across Canada. The new facility will provide a suite of services for science and technology in Quebec’s North, including a product development centre (business incubation/acceleration centre), a traditional knowledge centre, and advanced innovation laboratories. 

Key areas for Intervention

Social Connectedness

Through frequent interaction, community members build strong connections with others in their community.

Attitudes & Behaviours

Having a positive outlook is vital to the health and well-being of a community.

Shared, Diverse Leadership

Leaders come from all parts of the community and bring a variety of strengths and skills to the role.

Resources & Infrastructure

The best way for community members to be healthy is for everyone’s essential needs to be met within the community.

Strong Local Economy

The localized economies of resilient communities foster an interest in building community wealth rather than concentrating solely on individual accumulation and intense competition.

Our Programs


Our Team

Katie Roberts

Director of the Northern Research Center

Katie Roberts joined the Northern Research Center team of the Coasters Association in May 2021 as the Director. 

Katie received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Management and Leadership from Bishop’s University last fall. This career path gave her hands-on experience in all aspects of international management, focusing on human resources and marketing.   

Living away for most of her childhood, Katie always knew her heart would lead her back home to the Lower North Shore. With her determination and curiosity, she always looked for opportunities to volunteer with the end goal of developing her community, often in a leadership role. When Katie moved back to the Lower North Shore, she quickly became involved in her community and made her voice heard. Getting her position with the Coasters Association opened the door to her lifelong goal. 

Katie’s position within the organization allows her to put her education and experiences within leadership to work. She applies her knowledge to help facilitate the organization with hopes of flourishing our beautiful territory’s hidden treasures. She is excited to be a part of the development and betterment of the place, so many people call home.


Mason Organ

Interim Director of the Northern Research Center

Mason Organ has been part of the Coasters Association team since January 2017. With an educational background in Management and Marketing and a focus on Creative and Event Marketing, Mason has worked through various programs on economic, community, health and business development and the establishment of the Northern Research Center.

Having a lifelong history of active volunteerism and community involvement, a passion for helping others and a desire to impact, the Coasters Association made a natural fit for him to use his talents and skill set.

As Manager of Business Development, to increase vitality, capacity, and economic security for the communities on the Lower North Shore, he has worked with many different nonprofit, education, industry and government organizations and institutions to create impactful partnerships. By connecting locals with resources on and off the territory, he works to foster the next evolution of the Lower North Shore’s development story.


Honlee Etheridge

Manager of Marketing & Communications

Honlee Hobbs-Etheridge has been part of the Communications team at the Coasters Association since June 2020. Starting as the Marketing and Communications Intern, she became the Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communications in January 2021 and is now the Manager of Marketing and Communications, as of July 2021.

Honlee received an Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Communications from the University of Ottawa in 2017. She experienced the many layers of communication throughout her academic and professional career, from sports coverage to live radio, advertising to social media, etc.

After returning to the Lower North Shore upon graduation, Honlee became more involved in her community. Through volunteering and event planning, she established herself in a role in developing her community. However, she still felt there was more that she could do to help the Lower North Shore thrive. It was then that she found herself on the Communications team for the Coasters Association.

Honlee’s position within the organization allows her to use her experiences in various communication perspectives and apply the knowledge from those experiences to the Lower North Shore. She believes in the limitless potential of the LNS and hopes to be a part of its success.


Leah Mathieu-Monger

Videographer & Coordinator of Business Development & Marketing

Leah Mathieu-Monger recently joined the Coasters Association as Videographer in the Marketing and Communications team. She graduated with a Visual Arts Diploma from Heritage College and received the Academic Achievement Award for her promotion. 

That same year, she received awards for painting and sculpting at the graduating class showcase. These attributed to her love of storytelling and strength in animating her home on Quebec’s Lower North Shore and bringing it to life for the audience.

Since graduating, she has pursued her love for the arts through commissions of murals, digital renderings, design work, and merchandising. Along with the commissions are her series of oil paintings and greeting cards she sells within Quebec. 

She is passionate about history and eager to build on her knowledge of the region, the communities, and the people. She believes that access to video content-saturated in culture can serve to promote as well as help to preserve the communities along the Lower North Shore and their heritage. 

Her goal is to collect moments, bring them together, and create a visual experience. Specialized equipment captures engaging and tailored perspectives that offer a quality point of view as you see and hear it.


Samantha Tinkham

Junior Bioprocess Engineering Intern

Samantha joined the Coasters Association in January 2022 as a Junior Bioprocess Engineering Intern after moving to the Lower North Shore from Newfoundland.

Recently graduating from the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Samantha has a Diploma of Technology in Naval Architecture and is concurrently completing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

As the Junior Bioprocess Engineering Intern for the Coasters Association, Samantha’s current role uses science, engineering, project management and economic principles to innovate and exploit the region’s unique resources while implementing green and sustainable measures to create a viable environment throughout the Lower North Shore.

Samantha, partnered with CEDFOB, supports small-medium enterprises along the coast to create and develop jobs for residents of the Lower North Shore, while aiding in the production of local products to be sold throughout Quebec and the country. Samantha also hopes to help promote STEM education and its importance to community members of all ages in the region.


The Region


Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon


Honlee Etheridge: Manager of Marketing & Communications 

Middle Bay

St. Paul's River

Samantha Tinkham: Junior Bioprocess Engineering Intern

Old Fort Bay

St. Augustine

La Tabatière

Leah Monger: Videographer

Mutton Bay

Mason Organ: Interim Director of the Northern Research Center


Harrington Harbour


Katie Roberts: Director of the Northern Research Center

La Romaine


Our Structure


The Coasters Association believes in the Lower North Shore and all it has to offer. We recognize the limitless potential of our unique and beautiful region and are dedicated to its development.

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